Sunday, November 9, 2014

Mushroom Walkabout with John Field

In Early November, the Bowen Nature Club hosted an autumn mushroom walkabout with mushroom expert John Field. People of all ages came out to explore, and over a couple of kilometers we found an amazingly diverse assortment of different mushrooms, including edible, poisonous, rare, common, and very surprising!

Photos by Cherie Westmoreland and Lisa Marie Bhattachary.

Shaggy Parasol - LMB

Turkey Tails - LMB

Variant Turkey Tails - CW

John Field describing identification methods - CW

Red Juice Milk Cap - CW

John Field with White Amanitas - CW

The prize!! Cauliflower Mushroom - LMB

The cauliflower mushroom was enormous! - CW

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