Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Bowen Nature Club is looking for new directors!

We're freshly out from our recent Apodaca Park adventure, and into the very wet and dark November (F)unschool outings. It's been a lovely year of outings with the Bowen Nature Club, and we're quickly approaching our January AGM. This year we'll have a big changeover among the directors, and have openings we hope to fill before our one annual planning meeting in early January. Would you be willing and able to volunteer?

The Bowen Nature Club is not a society under the societies act, so the two director meetings we have each year are quite informal, as are the volunteer director positions. We are a non-political group dedicated to furthering our community's enjoyment and preservation of natural diversity. All directors attend both of our two annual meetings: A planning meeting in early January where we arrange the outings of the year, and the AGM in later January where we briefly read over the events of the past year, the finances, and the planned outings for the coming year, and then we usually have a speaker.

Please let us know if you're interested in joining us. We think we're a friendly bunch and find our involvement with the Nature Club to be not onerous, and very rewarding. Please contact us at bowennatureclub at gmail.com for more information.