Sunday, May 19, 2013

Collins Ridge Hike

Alan Whitehead kindly escorted a group of us up to the summit of Mt. Collins, around and over to Mud lake and Honeymoon lake, and back to Hood Point West, where we began. We also gratefully acknowledge the generosity of Sally Freeman, whose land we traversed.

The day was quite lovely and mild. It barely rained at all, and we found many treasures, along the way. Here are a few of them:
Rough-skinned newts like this one carry a toxin; be sure to wash hands thoroughly after handling briefly.


coral root orchid
summit cairn - Photo by Alan Whitehead

Everybody at the summit

my children call this bubblegum mushroom... possibly purple jelly-drop cup?

Mud Lake

unidentified eggs - slug or snail?

first view of Honeymoon Lake

Honeymoon Lake!

Look closely at those logs further out there on the lake...

What do you see?

Sundew! Carnivorous plants thriving by the thousands in Honeymoon Lake.
A dragonfly sitting very still, soaking up the warmth. Possibly it recently left its larval skin.
Amphibian eggs of some sort, deposited on a log?
An owl pellet!
... and some of our beautiful indigenous columbine.
photo by Alan Whitehead

the group by one of the big firs we passed - photo by Alan Whitehead

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