Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pasley Island Boat Tour with Cormorant Marine

Today the Nature Club went on a boat-tour around Bowen Island, and among the Pasley Islands. The weather cooperated, with a calm, foggy day and smooth water. Not only did we have a chance to see some local wildlife and shoreline habitat, but we had plenty of time for talking, sharing stories, and generally broadening our understanding and connection to our home. I was happy to see so many children, there. It's my belief that knowing and loving our home is the root of compassion and a deep sense of self, not to mention inspired learning.

Following are some of my own photos; please email me more if you have some, and I'll add them to this post.

Click on the photos to see the full-sized version.
If you'd like to download a photo, just right-click (PC) the large version of the photo, choose to save it, and remember where you put it! :-)

Thank you, everyone, for your company, your knowledge, and your enthusiasm. My family enjoyed ourselves very much, and I hope you all did, too.


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